Finding a home involves more than the physical dwelling you’ll be occupying. The neighborhood surrounding you is just as important and its unique character matters just as much as the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances found in your kitchen. At Norwalk MetroPointe, we’re fortunate to be located in Norwalk, California. We’re proud to call it home and we think once you experience our city, you will too.

Norwalk is a suburb of Los Angeles, located just 17 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles. A short ride in the car or public transportation puts you within reach of all the attractions, shopping, and restaurants that have become famous around the world.

Maybe you’re more interested in staying close to home? If so, Norwalk has a lot to love. Our clean and safe parks offer a place for families to enjoy the famous California sunshine, playing, staying active and enjoying the weather.

Every Halloween, residents take to the streets and enjoy the Arturo Sanchez Halloween Parade, a local event created to honor community and civic pride. On Arbor Day, we gather to plant trees and promote environmental awareness. We do all of this in a city that celebrates its diversity through amazing restaurants, a wide variety of shopping centers and grocery stores, and a school district that prides itself on putting students first.

Under the glorious Southern California skies, Norwalk has become one of the hidden gems of the Greater Los Angeles area. We’re large enough to enjoy our own unique identity, but small enough to feel intimate and manageable. Living at Norwalk MetroPointe doesn’t just offer you an apartment community that’s a cut above the rest. It provides you a city you can be proud of. For more information or to lease one of our beautiful apartment homes, contact us by phone or online today.